Recipe of the Week

Join our Recipe of the Week Competition and Win!

Show us your culinary skills and your support of the Carver Neighborhood Market at the same time!  Once a month, we will host a Recipe of the Week competition for our customers.  The rules are simple:

1) Make a dish with the primary ingredients from Carver Market.

2) Post a photo of your dish on social media: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Tag #carvermarket in your photo.

3) We will compile all entries and the staff will vote on the top 3.

4) We will conduct a poll for the winner from the top 3

Our first competition will conclude September 16th.  Please submit all entries via social media prior to 11:59 on September 16th!

Winner will be announced on Wednesday, September 23rd!

* Entries can also be submitted in store and we will share on our social media.
* All entries must include:

a) Name of entrant
b) Name of Recipe