Food Access

Our mission is not to diagnose a food desert, but to create a Food Oasis. We provide access to food, jobs, and relationships for the patrons of South Atlanta and surrounding neighborhoods. We are not a large grocery chain. We are a small intimate food market with the intention and goal of connecting our neighbors back to food and, thus, back to community. We are creating a connection between local consumers and local producers. Carver Neighborhood Market strives to be the vehicle that may connect quite literally the fruit of urban farms to the tables of of undersourced neighborhoods.


Another significant aspect about our endeavor, is that we seek to achieve accesibility. We understand how laborious it can be to have to jump on various MARTA buses or have walk long distances while hauling many bags of food. We aim to serve the community by being a part of the community.

Check out this article that discusses what it means to be a "Food Oasis" in a "Food Desert"