1983 - The Family Store Opened on the Corner of Grant St. and Georgia Ave in Grant Park

1999 - FCS Urban Ministries partnered with South Atlanta Civic League to purchase 1297 Jonesboro Rd - the former Carver Theater Building

2001 - FCS Urban Ministries begin work in South Atlanta

2003 - The Family Store moved its location to 1297 Jonesboro Rd.

2008 - The Family Store closed its doors

2008 - Community Grounds Cafe opened in Lakewood Heights

2009The South Atlanta Marketplace opened

Community Grounds closed in Lakewood Heights

2010 - Community Grounds moved into 1297 Jonesboro Rd

2011 - South Atlanta Bike Shop Opened in 1297 Jonesboro Rd

2015 - Carver Neighborhood Market opens to replace the South Atlanta Marketplace